Maverick os x, time machine won't work

Posted on Oct 23, 2013 11:22 AM, Apple Support Communities - OS X Mavericks |

I installed Maverick OS X yesterday.  I then plugged in my Western Digital 1 Terabyte (for Mac) backup drive which I have been using all along as my backup drive.  I have a MacBook Pro laptop purchased new in September 2010. 


My backup drive is less than a year old and has worked flawlessly.  I have a 500 GB hard drive, so there is more than enough space.  I'm only using half of the 1 TB backup drive.


Now, when I plug in my backup drive, it won't complete a backup.  It starts up and says 'preparing backup' and just has a status bar going and it runs and runs and runs, but the little icon on the menu bar does not go round and round like it usually does.  It never quits and gives an error or anything.  It just keeps running like it's stuck in the preparation mode.  I figure maybe it will take a while to backup since it's a new operating system, BUT I don't want to leave it running and running all night unless I know for sure it will finally 'kick in'.  I have left it running today for several hours, then finally stopped the backup and ejected it.


Anyone else having this problem, or can anyone tell me what I should do?


Thanks for any input!


L. Tilley

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