No mobile network on CM 11/4.4

Posted on Nov 27, 2013 9:16 AM, Xda-developers |

Hey guys, I'm a new member here (please be gentle!)

Last night I upgraded to CM11/KitKat from a Leaked 4.2 Samsung Stock ROM and, while most things run great (I still don't like the camera - but that's mostly down to personal preference), I can't connect to my mobile network. Wi-fi works, it's just the mobile network (3G)... well, let's just say the icon stays orange and the notification bar says 'no internet connection'. Any ideas on how to fix this? I factory wiped the thing again and it still doesn't work.

Oh, my baseband version is XXUFME7.

Don't kill me if this is a horrible noobish question :(

ask your own question if you didn't find an answer
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