Samsung tab 3 7inch problems with date and time resetting

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Hi to all, hoping someone can help me out here.
I have just bought a new samsung tablet 3, 7inch wifi for my daughter (12 years).
Unpacked and set up device (wife has a tab 2 10.1 and we both have galxy phones : s2 and note 1), so we are familiar with the android system.
All seemed fine until it was left alone for around 10 minutes.
It turns itself off, totally off and rests the time to january 1st, 2012, which in turn renders the wifi inoperable (showing good signal strength, but no connection).
When I go into settings for the wifi, it is constantly searching for a connection and no matter how many times I reset the time and date (which then allows the wifi to function), if left alone for any time, it turns itself off again and I have to go through the entire process again.
Have asked samsung if they have a fix or explanation, the silence from them is deafening.
Any suggestions?

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