Syncing dual boot data: SL and Mavericks?

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Hello Happy New Year to Us All!


I am wondering what to do to best keep user data between SL and Mavericks synced?  I have an old Macbook Pro with Snow Leopard and I want to dual boot SL and Mavericks. My computer is an 8 gb RAM mid '09 15' Macbookk Pro w/ new 256 gb SSD and w/ original 500gb HD now in optical bay.


I've partitioned the SSD in 2 equal size volumes, one for each OS boot. SL is now running on one of the partitions, and I could make a third partition on the SSD for one possible shared data volume. (I know the SSD needs to keep adequate free space). The HD is ready for one or more data volumes, backup volumes etc. (I also have several external drives.)


So I have read that you can store your Home Directory in any folder on any volume you want using Advanced Options in the Admin account in Accounts.

Can my Snow Leopard boot volume and the Mavericks boot volume share the same Home directory or somehow same user data on one data volume? I assumed the answer is no and that the data is packaged differently b/w SL and Mavericks but a lifehacker article made me wonder: tiple-operating-systems.


Also Level 9 Baltwo seems to have a lot of experience with this.


But his posts on these threads indicate that he now uses separate data volumes. I wonder is that one for each of his separate OS boot volumes, and if so, why? Snyc advantages?


If this is the way to go, back to the main question: how to best sync the user data between SL and Mavericks? 


--Simply figuring out which files to move by hand or get Carbon Copy Cloner to move? Learning to use Dropbox?

--SL workarounds for iCloud?

--Soho Organizer or Fruxx?

--a Snow Leopard Server?

--convert a user account to a network user account?



Thank you and I hope Baltwo and other will help me.


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